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Ms excel

How to master Sort & Filter buttons in Microsoft Excel ?

we can sort the data to excel in three different types. One is ascending order, descending order, and Custom sort.

Select the range of cells we need to sort.
Add filter option.
In the home tab, towards the right top, click on arrow marks you can sort the data either in ascending or descending order.
One more option is we can use the custom sort.
Click on the filter symbol, select the custom sort option.
Select the first column of choice and select the sort type whether it’s based on value, font color or cell color, or cell icon.
Select the order the data need to be sorted ascending or descending.
you can also add multiple columns by clicking on copy level or add a level and modifying the columns based on requirements.
click ok. The data will be sorted.
Please Note: we can use the copy level and add level option available in the custom sort order to sort the data.

Hope you like it. Do mention in comments 🙂 Happy learning!