How to draw realistic portrait?


How to draw realistic portrait?

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1. Make sure you’re using a quality reference
2. Know and prepare your art supplies
3. Always start with a light initial sketch, focusing on largest shapes first
4. Keep in mind that in realism, there are no visible lines
5. Create gradual, smooth transitions between your different values
6. Make sure you are creating a very wide variety of values throughout your drawing
7. Make sure that you’re looking at your reference person/object/animal, at least, 50% of the time you spend working!

Portrait drawing is actually not that hard.The main target is finding the main focus points of the person’s face you want to draw.You have to find out which little parts of that face defines that face the most.
2ndly,look carefully, which part is more lighter/on which part the light is reflecting more.You have to apply lighter shades there.

Most importantly,the eyes, the nose,the lips,and the shape of the face defines that face more. So try to bring accuracy on those points.