How to draw a mandala?

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How to draw a mandala?


The first step in how to draw a mandala is to measure out your paper into a square shape. …
The next step in how to draw a mandala is to draw a series of circles around this dot. …
Next, measure out another distance from the center dot.It’s okay if you make mistakes.Just make sure you draw lightly enough that you can easily erase any mistakes.Don’t worry about making the circles “perfect”.Just take it one step at a time, going from dot to dot.
You can use a pencil, colored pencils, ink, crayons, or whatever you choose.
You can start from the center, or you can start from anywhere where you feel inspired to make some mark you drew as guidelines, you can draw shapes like circles, triangles, raindrops, loops, etc.
The important this is to repeat your pattern. For example, if you draw a circle on one of the lines, be sure to draw it in the same spot on the other lines.
This creates repetition, which is a key element in creating a mandala.
Creating a mandala with Thaneeya
As you draw more and more designs, your mandala will start to look more complex.
The key is to take it slowly, drawing one shape at a time and going around the whole circle drawing that one shape in the right place.

Then you build on that shape by drawing other shapes around the circle in the same manner.So here’s is the easiest process of creating a ‘Mandala’..Best of luck