How do I stop being shy in public speaking?


How do I stop being shy in public speaking?

About public speaking.

And believe me you are not the first with this problem.Most of the speakers face the same problem at first.You can follow these rules as solutions of your problem-

knowledge and manage your anxiety. We don’t have to overcome our fear to become good public speakers.You should know your audience but focus on your material. Be kind to yourself. Try some calming techniques. Break the cycle of fear.

If you just follow these rules,you will turn into a great speaker in no time.


Be confident! Assume that you are discussing something with your friends.You should overcome the fear of losing and the fear of being insulted. Just speak because you want to express. That’s it.That’s the solution.Thank you for asking.

You should keep your mind positive & should have much self confidence😊😊

You have to grow self confidence which is very important❤.