How do I keep my drawing clean?


How do I keep my drawing clean?


Try to start your drawing from upwards and make sure your hand is clean. If your hands don’t get messy then your drawing will also stay clean.

1. Work on your drawing from top to bottom

2.Work on your drawing from left to right (if you are right-handed)

3.Erase any smears as you go

4.Use the right eraser for the medium

Keep your drawing area clean, organized and

Do Not Rest Your Hand On Your Drawing. Thank you❤

Let your dominant hand lead. Simply put, if you are right-handed, start your drawing at the upper left corner and move your way down to the lower right corner. This ensures that at no time will your hand be rubbing across areas that you’ve already drawn out. If you’re left-handed, then do the opposite. Start at the upper right corner and draw your way down to the lower left corner.