Digital Knowledge


Digital Knowledge

How important is Digital Literacy / Knowledge after 2020?

Looking to the current scenario of Pandamic we should be prepared for any of such occurance in future. Digital Literacy enable people to work from their home and also provide them a sense of protection and empowerment. All service providers like grocers, vegetables and fruits venders, electricians, teachers, health care providers and so on, are dealing with people through Internet. Therefore, it becomes necessary to make people digitally literate and prepare them for the upcoming future.

You can see that digital knowledge is  having a huge role in 2020. Due to covid-19 Pandemic, we all are unable to go outside. That’s why you can see every business, networking has shifted to digital platforms!  Even the schools has shifted to online. After 2020 people will start depending on digital platforms more. Guess what,if you didn’t have digital knowledge,you won’t be able to ask questions! I hope you understood.