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what is the difference between outsourcing and freelancing?

Freelancing is earning by working independently without any obligation. Outsourcing is getting a job done by a freelancer by paying him/her without employment. A freelancer gets a task and the payment of the task from an outside source (outsource contractor).

Pencil Shade

A ‘H’ is light and a ‘B’ is dark. H grade stands for ‘Hard’ and they are good for shading. You can’t press on hard pencils or you will ruin your paper. Higher numbers on H pencils means the graphite gets harder and lighter. B stands for ‘Black’. A 2B is a very user friendly…

Pencil Hold

You can hold your pencil the same way as your pen – between the thumb and the first two fingers (generally). This way, your hand won’t tire because of the perfect balance you are able to achieve with this comfortable grip. For light, feathery lines try holding the pencil lightly and half-way up the shaft….

General Knowledge

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